The Before Tour – Inside

Today, you get to see the inside of the house as we saw it on our first tour with the realtor. If you’ve spent any time looking at “before” photos in magazines, you know that the goal is to make the room look as redonkulous as possible prior to the makeover, so these horrible photos are technically magazine quality. Let’s begin…

Welcome to the living room. The floor is covered in sea foam green carpeting which is matted to resemble the texture of a Goodwill teddy bear. All woodwork and trim is the same shade of green. Three walls feature plastic-y, grass-paper texture wallpaper, while the fourth is sea foam green painted wood paneling. (I assure you, the previous owner’s lampshade is nodding cordially, not hanging its shaded head in shame!)

Moving on the dining room, you will note that the wood paneling is unpainted, so while it is not a direct color match to the s.f.g. carpeting, it is part of the same 1960s decorating sweep. The brass and etched glass light fixture creates a beautiful sheen on the slick-n-icky faux silk shantung valances.

On this side of the kitchen, the modern wonder of flat cabinetry and gold-flecked Formica counters balance the more traditional fruit basket art on the wallpaper. (The oven is awesome. No sarcastic words about it! Wait until you see that it opens like a DeLorean!)

Over here, you can get a better look at the intricate harvest wallpaper, featuring all the hues of a sunset. The built-in ledge, back door, and trim are all the same lovely shade of green you’ve seen running through the house.

Also, there is no refrigerator.

This room will become The Husband’s office.
Wallpaper: Textured.
Carpeting: Green.
Weird valances: Screwed into the wall.
Light Fixture: Null.

Another view of the future office reveals storage galore. Rue McClanahan’s wardrobe not included.

The realtor informed us the bathroom was the only room that had been “updated.” They needn’t have bothered! That’s a whole lot of oak that’s headed for the curb.

Let’s take this green hallway toward the upstairs…

This will be my office and studio. This carpet was installed in the ’60s, during a giant post-McCarthy sigh of relief…

…and once you install quality flooring like that, you’re not going to replace it. EVER.

And finally, presented without comment, our bedroom.

Oh, I forgot to show you the stairway going to the office and bedroom. The carpet, paint, and ceiling color… yeah. It’s all sea foam green.

We’re shaking up the living room first, updates to come soon. What “before” detail catches your eye the most?

4 Responses to The Before Tour – Inside

  1. I say you hang onto it the way it is. In 30 or 40 years, seafoam green will probably be in again! And a refrigerator? Who needs it when your whole decorating scheme is so cool?

  2. Brenda says:

    Looks a lot like my little 1948 cape only there is no wall behind my “wood” paneling. No wall, no insulation and very few studs! As a single one pay check gal it’s taking me some time to get it together.

    Paint was the immediate fix so I could actually walk around my house with my eyes open. ;0) Pulling up the carpet and getting some wood flooring in made the biggest “this is MY house” difference.

    Looking forward to seeing your improvements. Best of luck!

    • The Wife says:

      Same with us… the paneling IS the wall in the dining room and in the stairway, which is on the other side of the dining room wall. You’re right, putting up your own paint colors and getting rid of carpet are the best ways to make a house feel like it’s yours! What colors did you pick?

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