Progress! Tearing Apart the Living Room

Discovery Number One: There are indeed hardwood floors under the carpet! Look!

Ok, so we actually made that discovery when I borrowed the house inspectors’ pliers to inconspicuously pull up a corner many weeks ago. But, we’re getting all the carpet and padding up now, and the wood underneath looks pretty good. We’re thrilled. Much more thrilled than we were with…
Discovery Number Two: There is also wood under the wallpaper! Look!

Wood squared! Apparently when this house was built in the midst of WWII: The Big One, wood was very briefly the wall material of the day, because, well, you can’t build bombers out of wood. We were totally ready for the potential of cracked plaster under that wallpaper, but we did not see this coming.

Our disappointment was short lived once we realized from a structural standpoint, wood walls are a pretty sweet idea. We treated the walls to a light buffing with the sanding block, and laid primer on as thick as the frosting on a pre-diabetics birthday cake. The room actually has a nice subtle texture to it now, and we’re ready to roll on some map-inspired paint. We’re digging it!

Ready to tear up your old carpet, or remove some outdated wallpaper? We’ve got tips on both coming soon.

3 Responses to Progress! Tearing Apart the Living Room

  1. Most hilarious post ever!

  2. Yay for hardwoods :) Woot woot!!! It’s going to look fab.

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