This Paint Battle Has Been Won…

Item! Using the methods outlined in this post, we’ve solved the living room color crisis. We selected two new colors, and went a lot brighter and more aqua-y on the ceiling, and toned the walls way down with a sophisticated, soft, warm gray. I love the results. Here is that same corner of the room with the new colors:
I was afraid of going too close to white on the walls, but the barely-there grey really lets the ceiling be the star of the show. The end result is anything but bland.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll show you the process of how we got from wallpapered and green to painted and serene, and we’ll be revealing the living room in it’s “after” state!

4 Responses to This Paint Battle Has Been Won…

  1. Love that! Our front porch has a blue ceiling similar to this one and it’s a nice touch.

    • The Wife says:

      And The Association allows such a bold choice?!?
      I love blue ceilings on porches. I’ve heard a few theories about them, including that people in South Carolina first did it because they thought the blue porch would keep ghosts away… for some reason.

  2. Cathy says:

    I love the look…. nice to see another person that likes colour on the ceiling. We have had colour on our ceilings for years and it is just now that many people don’t think that we are as weird…lol. The grey is fab against the pale blue. Glad I ran across your blog.

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