Inspiration, in Need of Translation

I just discovered a really beautiful Swedish home decor mag called Skona Hem. Unfortunately, a subscription through Amazon is (gulp) nearly $200- a year. In terms The Husband will get, that’s like two years of The Economist! Luckily, there is no shortage of chic, bright interior shots on their website, The site is of course not in English, so there is the added fun of allowing Google to translate it and reading descriptions like this:

A sympathetic 1950s building, not more. Malin and Richard planned no longer sojourn in the little brick house, but would not settle for a cosmetic lift. But the story ended with the advance surgery, and furious stylish ribbed panels of oak.

Well said. The good news is that the brilliant images make descriptions superfluous anyway. The cool green lamp that takes center stage in this spare kitchen needs no words:

cover image from Skona Hem

This mag is like an upscale Ikea catalog, which makes it perfect for shopping the look and then finding a penny-pinching interpretation for your own home at the aforementioned warehouse store. Now if only I could fins a US source for furious stylish ribbed panels of oak… or these gorgeously saturated turquoise cabinets:

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  1. Andrea says:

    Skona Hem is one of my favourite decor inspirations – though, like you, I get my fix through the website! I love the gorgeous Scandinavian design and endless white interiors.

    Andrea x

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