Who Has Four Paws and a Pacemaker?


We’ve been keeping busy with carting our sickly dude back and forth to the veterinary college, followed by a couple of weeks of carrying him around like a baby and keeping him pumped up with doggy drugs. We’ll be back to post about home matters in two shakes of a dog’s tail!

3 Responses to Who Has Four Paws and a Pacemaker?

  1. Aw, little sweetie dog! Here’s hoping for a fast recovery!

  2. Alexis says:

    ADORABLE! Is his neck shaved down in that pic?

    • The Wife says:

      Yes, the leads are placed through the jugular so he got a neck-only shave. Once he’s feeling a little better we might try to even things out, but right now it looks like he has a fur sweater!

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