And the Color is…

image via Pantone

Tangerine Tango!

If you love color, finding out what shade the folks at hue-authority Pantone have selected as the “color of the year” is a bit like that first pull from the Halloween candy bag. A great color that is surprising yet workable is like a full-sized Clark bar. You kind of forgot the stuff even existed, but you will gladly nosh on a few ounces of it. Sometimes Pantone throws loose candy corn and a Chick tract at you.

The color of the year typically informs choices for wedding themes, fashion, and of course home design. When The Husband and I were making wedding choices, a pretty Martha Stewart-ish turquoise was the Pantone pick, and wedding mags were practically saturated in Robin’s Egg Blue. Now that we’re selecting paint colors, linens, and accents for our home, we were excited to see if Pantone picked something we’d love to fill our space with.

“Hmmmm… I think it could be fun for… some spots in your office,” The Husband said slowly when I showed him the swatch. “It’s a bit bright. I probably wouldn’t use it. I’m more of a brown person myself.”

As for me, my living room used to be orange–in 2000. I was kind of over orange. Yet… there is something captivating about this color. Maybe their best color naming psychologists swayed me the Argentina-evoking word “Tango.” Despite the “Tangerine” part of the name, it’s not really orange, but a vibrant red-orange-coral mash up that has potential to make a bland room pop when used in small doses. I can definitely see using it as an accent, or, in The Husband’s words, “some spots in my office.”

What do you think about Pantone’s choice? Would you, or do you, use it in your home?

2 Responses to And the Color is…

  1. I have to warn you — we painted our dining room in our first house that color and it looked like the room was on fire. We quickly repainted the room dark red minus the orange tint. But hey, that’s just me!

  2. Alexis says:

    I would definitely use that color as an accent. I think it would look good with purple or blue, too!

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