Tangerine Tango Round Up: For the Kitchen

So often, kitchens are the one part of the house that suffer from trend neglect. Maybe it’s because the kitchen is such a utilitarian room that it is often one of the last places people worry about when decorating. That really shouldn’t be the case, since there are so many little purchases that can make your kitchen au courant. Today, I wanted to show you some easy, affordable (nothing over $30!), and still very useful items that can bring the Pantone color the year into your kitchen.

1. I am obsessed with Le Creuset, but the cookware is pretty pricey. This gorgeous flame color Le Creuset mug is a perfect way to get an affordable fix until I can invest in the thousands of dollars worth of enameled cookware that I covet.
2. This retro metal wall clock is adorable, and a good way for someone with more a vintage inspired design aesthetic to embrace the modern color trend of the moment without abandoning their old school sensibilities. If Flavor Flav could see you now!
3. Need something hot to put in your tangerine mug? How about coffee (or tea!) from this 8 cup Bodum orange French press coffee maker? The Husband and I are huge French press fans. When the weather gets chilly, we use a tea towel or clean dish towel like a scarf around the pot to keep it warm for longer. Which brings me to…
4. A lovely handmade tangerine print linen tea towel from etsy shop SVEIKA textiles.
5. Pretty tangerine Fiesta salt & pepper shakers are nice-looking enough to display on the table all the time.
6. Utility and style unite with these happy KitchenAid measuring spoons and measuring cups. Instead of tucking them away in a drawer, try screwing a small hook into the side of your cupboard to hang these on.

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  1. Sharon says:

    That mug is great! I have longed for an entire LeCrueset pan set, but so far only have a kettle. The mug would be a good second piece to match!

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