Cheer on the Cheap

It’s not too late to add some pretty holiday cheer to your house… even if you’re cheap and procrastination-prone. I did some thrift store scavenging over the weekend, collected every vintage-y looking glass ball ornament I found, and stacked those babies up in a glass trifle dish. The result? Speedy holiday cheer, for a grand total of less than $3.

We happened to already own the trifle dish, but even if you don’t have one the project is still pretty inexpensive. I’ve seen the dishes for roughly $6 in big box stores. But before you run out and buy one, really scour your house for creative, clear vessels. This would work just as well in a glass bowl, large vase, or even a wide-mouthed mason jar. You want to be a little careful in your placement of the balls–don’t just dump them all in the dish and expect a polished look. You want to make sure the hook part (often rusted on these vintage ornaments) is facing inward so the colorful, reflective part of the ball is what you see when looking through the dish. Oh, and be really careful that you keep this out of reach of kids and animals. These things are super fragile, and some of the rusty ones are a tetanus risk to boot.

This collection was found between two thrift stores. In one, they had a plastic bag of about six (one was pre-shattered in the bag, likely due to tomfoolery) for 99 cents. At the next store, there was a bin of ornaments that had been 30 cents each, and were now half off. Since many balls in this bin were also broken, the savings may have been intended to offset the potential cost of stitches. I gingerly snatched up 10 intact ornaments for $1.50.

If you stick with silver and bright colors like pink and aqua (as opposed to a strict green and red theme) think this could even be kept on display into the new year. The sparkly, icy look says “winter” to me much more than “Christmas.” What do you think?

2 Responses to Cheer on the Cheap

  1. Sharon says:

    I know what I’m shopping for tonight!

  2. chiara says:

    Lucky finds! I’m jealous!!

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