Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Living Rooms

Are we done with a room yet? We’re getting close. And that counts for something.

Decorating a room from scratch is a lot like losing weight. If you’ve read any weight loss success stories, you know they always include the horror of the last 10 pounds. Everything is going gangbusters in the beginning, then right when the end is in sight… progress stalls out. In our living room, the last bits of progress–finding just the right window treatments, deciding if that relatively empty corner is lovely negative space or a good place to stick a tall plant–have been hanging on like Eva Marie Saint on Mount Rushmore.

Here is a look at our ALMOST done living room as it appears today:

As a reminder, here is our living room’s unflattering before photo:

Progress has definitely been made. We’ve ripped up seafoam green shaggy carpet (not shag carpet… just shaggy) as well as tack strip and padding to reveal hardwood flooring. The wall of wood paneling which once matched the carpet now only matches the other walls in the room. The three other walls which were once rough plywood coated in Elderly Choice™ brand wallpaper are now smoothed out and painted swan grey. The once literally dusty curtains with pleated valances are out, and the stand-in curtains are doing the job for now. Also, we turquoise’d the ceiling! I love the ceiling.

The room is now something we can live with. Now it’s time to roll into the home stretch. What would you do to make this room pop?

6 Responses to Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Living Rooms

  1. I think you should stencil some geese along the top of the walls — country blue.

    Also, I am in love with the pillow on your sofa.

    • The Wife says:

      I was thinking 6″ vinylized country apple print wallpaper border. But the geese would look fantastic with decorative brooms that have baby’s breath tied to the handle.

      • Don’t forget a basket lid that has wooden letters spelling out “Home is where the heart is” glued onto it. (And I only know about such things as I used to make them and sell them at consignment shops — like in the 80s.)

  2. Cici says:

    Maybe a pillar with candles in the corner?

  3. Alexis says:

    Collage style wall hangings = SO awesome.

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