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Did you see the Mad Men Season 5 premier this weekend? The Husband and I were absolutely thrilled by one big reveal in the episode: Pete and Trudy have our oven in their new home!

You may recall during the initial home tour that the awesome ’60s double oven with slide-away cook top was one thing we absolutely wouldn’t be changing in the kitchen. We were convinced it had star quality, and after seeing it’s twin on TV, we know we were right. Check it out:

Here is a zoomed-in (or in crime show parlance, “enhanced”) shot of our oven, birthplace of many pesto pizzas:

And here is the Campbell’s oven, from which much less gauche dishes will be emerging–if Pete’s Metro-North pal is to be believed–at increasingly late hours. Or maybe it will just be something to stand in front of while eating cereal from the box (Hey, Pete and I aren’t so different after all!):

There are a couple of option differences: The top panel is reversed in color and knob placement, and Pete & Co. appear to have a more staid, Greenwich-y striped glass pattern as opposed to our swingin’ spirograph look. But otherwise… You guys, it’s the same oven!

6 Responses to As Seen on TV

  1. haha. so funny. your house is TV-worthy :D

  2. Lizzie says:

    That is one SWEET ASS oven! I’m sure Trudy would have been serving a lot of green bean casserole. Side note – what did you think of Zou Bisou Bisou? I was a little embarrassed for her. But then again, my sexy quotient is pretty much nil.

    • The Wife says:

      Thank you!
      Y’know, I was embarrassed for her, then had the same thought: I find it embarrassing, men will like it. But then within 2 seconds The Husband made a “pbbbbbt” noise and said “Everyone’s going to mock Don at work.” Which was true! Really, she was so busy Jenna Maroney-ing it up (“I’ll use my SEXUALITY!”) that it’s hard to feel embarrassed for her. Remember her smugly telling Peggy that after her parties everyone wants to have sex? Then look at what Harry told Roger at work. What she really meant is that after her parties everyone wants to have sex with her. Insidious!

  3. Alexis says:

    Ha! Maybe you can sell your oven to a hollywood prop house! I love it!

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