Ohhhh, Mexico*

Sadly, this photo was taken on the leaving side of the round trip. That’s right, we’re back from vacation today. Boooo! And not even Booo-Urns!

The good news is, that’s not the only photo we took. (What kind of sad sacks would we be if that was the only photo?) Next week I’ll share some of my favorite inspirations from Mexico.

*I used to think that “Ohhhh, Mexico” song by James Taylor was by Jimmy Buffett. Not much of a laugh, considering their songs share a high level of sheer horribleness.

2 Responses to Ohhhh, Mexico*

  1. Alexis says:

    The phrase “sad sack” remind me of conversation hearts. ‘Member those???

    • The Wife says:

      I remember Conversation Hearts well, including that one. In fact, a favorite high school memory is sitting in study hall with two pals, a bag of Conversation Hearts, and a red pencil. Among other phrase-changing, we scratched the “s” off the sad in that phrase and replaced it with an “n.” Snicker, snicker.

      Have you seen C-Hearts lately, though? They are called “Sweethearts” and say Gen Y things like “Text Me!” Bring back “Sad Sack” and “Small Talk,” Necco!

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