Mexico Elements: Graphic Design

The Puerto Morelos area is full of beauty. I don’t just mean the turquoise waters and palm trees, although those are certainly two of my favorite parts. The lovely coastal architecture–some of it remarkably simple, some of it fantastical–has us dreaming of living in one of the homes there. Even the (very utilitarian) weathered fishing boats are lent a design-y vibe by the hand painted sides.

Today’s photos show the graphic, bold look that you’ll see on everything from boats to beer cans in Porto Morelos.

Pacifico is not the best tasting beer ever, but the bold packaging wins me over every time.

Despite my intense fear of underwater sea creepers, these painted boats might be cool enough to convince me to take a ride to the middle of the ocean.

Many of the restaurants here are hand-painted like the boats. Dos bebidas, por favor.

200 meters under the sea? No thank you, sir! I’ll stay and take photos of your colorful sign instead.

The cocktail illustrations on this menu are so pretty.

Did you know that the classic Beetle body style was still in production in Mexico until just a few years ago? VW beauties are everywhere, but this one takes the design cake for it’s beachy two-tone paint scheme and mod roof rack.

Even the in-town street signs are thoughtfully designed compared to the standard green and reflective-white high way signs everywhere else… albeit thoughtfully designed by Andrea Zuckerman and the 90210 yearbook team, if the spiral motif and zig-zag border could be used as the design equivalent of carbon-dating.

5 Responses to Mexico Elements: Graphic Design

  1. Lizzie says:

    I agree on the underwater sea creatures. Humans were not meant to be under water or in space. Go into either of those realms and I don’t feel sorry for you if you die.

    That being said, GORGEOUS PIX!!

    • The Wife says:

      Ha, reminds of Norm Macdonald’s reaction to the Crocodile Hunter getting killed where he basically pointed out how much it makes sense for a crocodile hunter to die. (Again with the Norm Macdonald! I can’t stop!)

  2. Alexis says:

    I’m jealous, of both your trip and your awesome photos!

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