A Winner is Me!

Saturday was a good day. It was a very good day. Wait for it… the Ice Cube reference is going to be relevant.

Our neighborhood had it’s annual community yard sale, and this was the first year The Husband and I were able to participate. By participate, I mean shop for woefully under-priced treasures offered by our uninformed neighbors.

The pickings were slim for several blocks. Right as we were about to give up, we drove to the outer edges of the neighborhood and I spied a big round mirror and a fiberglass shell chair. I was on the lawn before the ignition had stopped all the way. I peered under the shell chair, and saw this:

Holy Smokes! A vintage, date-stamped Herman Miller with the Eames mark and everything. It even had the original paper inspection tag stuck on and date stamped. The price–brace yourself, people–$2. I played it cool as we walked off with the chair and the giant, awesome vintage mirror for a grand total of $3. FOOLS!

Meanwhile! I had been holding my breath on the chance of winning an awesome “Ice Cube Celebrates the Eames” print from Lizzie over at The Hip Soiree. We walked in the door with the bounty we practically stole from those rubes, and I found an email from Lizzie that I had WON! Two moments of Eames kismet in one day? Let me catch my breath.

Here, Ice cube sitting in an Eames chair, sitting in an Eames chair. (Isn’t that what the kids call “meta”?):

Lizzie did not oversell this thing, this is some high quality paper. It’s poster size, but really is art print quality. Thanks again, Lizzie!

I’ll be back soon to show off more of our yard sale finds.

9 Responses to A Winner is Me!

  1. Lizzie says:

    I have never been more jealous of someone. A Herman Miller chair for $2!!! Whatever!!!! But, Ice Cube in the Eames chair, in the Eames chair…priceless. Utterly, utterly priceless. And I’m super impressed it’s already framed. DANG! I’m so glad Ted found the right home for that gem.

    • The Wife says:

      And I am impressed it was already at my door by Wednesday afternoon! The local JoAnn made it easy to get the job done without my signature hemming and hawing by offering only two choices for 24×36 frames: this one, and a really ugly one that cost twice as much. Had I been given options, I would have been dicking around with the task of framing it for at least a week.

      • Lizzie says:

        Did I tell you how long it took me to get ours framed? AT LEAST a month. But it definitely could have been the vast amount of choices. There was a lot of dicking around.

  2. Okay, I am jealous you have that print. But I have to know…how much is that chair you bought really worth? Is this something that you would have at the Antiques Roadshow and when the hosts told you how much it was worth you’d pass out?

    • The Wife says:

      Well, it’s not worth a pass-out amount, but from what I’ve seen it would probably go for $100 or so in a vintage shop. I’ve seen them online for a bit less, but then you usually have to pay $50 to ship them so it really becomes more expensive to buy a “cheap” one. So not shabby for $2 and a one-block walk to the car!

    • Justin Rodriguez says:

      Actually, I would say the key here is scarcity, not dollar value. YEAH, this was a killer deal for the $, but finding one of these from the 60′s to 70′s era that hasn’t been beat to shit (legs and all) at a yard sale is the real score. What was the date?

      • The Wife says:

        Good point, Justin. The real excitement was in finding one of these in great shape right in the neighborhood, the price was the cherry on top. (I’ll admit if it had been priced appropriately, I might have passed.) It’s from 1973, so a bit later–no “Miller Zenith” marks here :)

  3. April says:

    Wow, lucky you!

  4. chiara says:

    This is the best story I have heard in a long time. Congratulations to you! I hope every time you look at your $2 chair and poster you get a little rush!

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