About Us

Step into the home of a pair of newlyweds who just bought the cheapest house in the neighborhood, and are on a mission to change every room on a spare change budget.

The Wife is a writer and photographer who has suffered the indignity of living in a white-walled, oatmeal-colored carpet filled rental for the last year. When she is not looking at decorating magazines, she enjoys going all out with creating obsessive handmade versions of items that other people would simply buy. The Wife walked down the aisle with a bridal bouquet fashioned from over 120 crepe paper flowers which she made petal-by-petal.

The Husband is a software engineer and computer programmer who is a tech guru at work and a luddite at home. He enjoys false nostalgia and re-purposing old timey things. The Husband also likes bicycles and not knowing anything about modern pop culture.  He rides a customized non-modern bicycle, builds his own computers, and wears a hand-crafted wedding ring made by The Wife from the melted gold of a mega-80s herringbone necklace which graced The Wife’s neck circa 7th grade.