Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Living Rooms

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Are we done with a room yet? We’re getting close. And that counts for something. Decorating a room from scratch is a lot like losing weight. If you’ve read any weight loss success stories, you know they always include the horror of the last 10 pounds. Everything is going gangbusters in the beginning, then right [...]

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Rainbow Bowls (Including Tangerine Tango!)

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I decided to spare you any Rain-bowl word play, and let this image I snapped of the pretty kitchen display in Anthro speak for itself. I love the idea of using dishes of many colors… why pick just one? What would you choose for your kitchen? A blend of all the colors, a single hue, [...]

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Magazine Quality: Style a Vignette

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Have you ever noticed that houses in magazines have a certain indeterminable sense of style about them that makes our own homes seem less than? Even though most featured rooms are from “real homes,” they look kind of… staged. Well, that’s because they are. When you see a stylist credit on a magazine spread, that [...]

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Cheer on the Cheap

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It’s not too late to add some pretty holiday cheer to your house… even if you’re cheap and procrastination-prone. I did some thrift store scavenging over the weekend, collected every vintage-y looking glass ball ornament I found, and stacked those babies up in a glass trifle dish. The result? Speedy holiday cheer, for a grand total of [...]

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Tangerine Tango Round Up: For the Kitchen

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So often, kitchens are the one part of the house that suffer from trend neglect. Maybe it’s because the kitchen is such a utilitarian room that it is often one of the last places people worry about when decorating. That really shouldn’t be the case, since there are so many little purchases that can make [...]

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And the Color is…

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Tangerine Tango! If you love color, finding out what shade the folks at hue-authority Pantone have selected as the “color of the year” is a bit like that first pull from the Halloween candy bag. A great color that is surprising yet workable is like a full-sized Clark bar. You kind of forgot the stuff [...]

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Who Has Four Paws and a Pacemaker?

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THIS GUY: We’ve been keeping busy with carting our sickly dude back and forth to the veterinary college, followed by a couple of weeks of carrying him around like a baby and keeping him pumped up with doggy drugs. We’ll be back to post about home matters in two shakes of a dog’s tail!

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How to Frame Odd Size Art – Part One: Float Frames

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You know the standards… 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and so on. The typical frames you find just hanging out on store shelves tend to be in predictable sizes. So how do you frame a piece of paper that measures 15×19? Well, if it’s an irreplaceable item such as your college diploma or marriage certificate, there [...]

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The Perfectly Imperfect Home

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There is an almost instinctual urge to view Deborah Needleman’s new book, The Perfectly Imperfect Home: How to Decorate and Live Well, through the lens of her beloved interiors tome produced with the Domino team, Domino: The Book of Decorating. It is admittedly not easy to divorce Needleman’s current work from her Domino days. When [...]

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Mini-Makeover: A “New” Mailbox and The Goods To Match For Under $10

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Just as I was fretting about how to make all the disparate rusted metal and faded plastic items on the front of the house play well together, I got a package in the mail from Rust-Oleum. I’d seen the metal effects spray paint in stores, and had wondered if it might be the trick that [...]

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