Small Change: Frame Makeover for Paintings

By The Wife |

A search for decorating makeovers often yields large-scale, wall-gutting, bring-in-the-pros revamps. It’s easy to forget the simple power of a small change. There is a pair of paint by number paintings that I’ve passed in a local antique store a few times over the past year. They caught my eye because of a cherry blossom [...]

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Horseshoes, Hand Grenades, Living Rooms

By The Wife |

Are we done with a room yet? We’re getting close. And that counts for something. Decorating a room from scratch is a lot like losing weight. If you’ve read any weight loss success stories, you know they always include the horror of the last 10 pounds. Everything is going gangbusters in the beginning, then right [...]

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Magazine Quality: Style a Vignette

By The Wife |

Have you ever noticed that houses in magazines have a certain indeterminable sense of style about them that makes our own homes seem less than? Even though most featured rooms are from “real homes,” they look kind of… staged. Well, that’s because they are. When you see a stylist credit on a magazine spread, that [...]

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Cut a Rug

By The Husband |

Where the living room stands: we’ve pulled off wallpaper, pulled up carpet, painted (then repainted!), and got a couch. Think of the room like an outfit – we now have some basic pants and a shirt, but need to add nice shoes and a jacket. You know, the touches that make an outfit look more [...]

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Mini-Makeover: A “New” Mailbox and The Goods To Match For Under $10

By The Wife |

Just as I was fretting about how to make all the disparate rusted metal and faded plastic items on the front of the house play well together, I got a package in the mail from Rust-Oleum. I’d seen the metal effects spray paint in stores, and had wondered if it might be the trick that [...]

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This Paint Battle Has Been Won…

By The Wife |

Item! Using the methods outlined in this post, we’ve solved the living room color crisis. We selected two new colors, and went a lot brighter and more aqua-y on the ceiling, and toned the walls way down with a sophisticated, soft, warm gray. I love the results. Here is that same corner of the room [...]

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Progress! Tearing Apart the Living Room

By The Wife |

Discovery Number One: There are indeed hardwood floors under the carpet! Look! Ok, so we actually made that discovery when I borrowed the house inspectors’ pliers to inconspicuously pull up a corner many weeks ago. But, we’re getting all the carpet and padding up now, and the wood underneath looks pretty good. We’re thrilled. Much [...]

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The Before Tour – Inside

By The Wife |

Today, you get to see the inside of the house as we saw it on our first tour with the realtor. If you’ve spent any time looking at “before” photos in magazines, you know that the goal is to make the room look as redonkulous as possible prior to the makeover, so these horrible photos [...]

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