Small Change: Frame Makeover for Paintings

By The Wife |

A search for decorating makeovers often yields large-scale, wall-gutting, bring-in-the-pros revamps. It’s easy to forget the simple power of a small change. There is a pair of paint by number paintings that I’ve passed in a local antique store a few times over the past year. They caught my eye because of a cherry blossom [...]

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Cheer on the Cheap

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It’s not too late to add some pretty holiday cheer to your house… even if you’re cheap and procrastination-prone. I did some thrift store scavenging over the weekend, collected every vintage-y looking glass ball ornament I found, and stacked those babies up in a glass trifle dish. The result? Speedy holiday cheer, for a grand total of [...]

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Get Your Locks Off

By The Husband |

There’s something gratifying about changing the locks on your new home. It’s a more concrete way of taking ownership than just signing your name to some mortgage papers. I sign papers every day. But changing locks? That is a sign to the old owners, passer-bys, ghosts, etcetera that this is my place now. First step [...]

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How to Frame Odd Size Art – Part One: Float Frames

By The Wife |

You know the standards… 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and so on. The typical frames you find just hanging out on store shelves tend to be in predictable sizes. So how do you frame a piece of paper that measures 15×19? Well, if it’s an irreplaceable item such as your college diploma or marriage certificate, there [...]

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Cut a Rug

By The Husband |

Where the living room stands: we’ve pulled off wallpaper, pulled up carpet, painted (then repainted!), and got a couch. Think of the room like an outfit – we now have some basic pants and a shirt, but need to add nice shoes and a jacket. You know, the touches that make an outfit look more [...]

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Mini-Makeover: A “New” Mailbox and The Goods To Match For Under $10

By The Wife |

Just as I was fretting about how to make all the disparate rusted metal and faded plastic items on the front of the house play well together, I got a package in the mail from Rust-Oleum. I’d seen the metal effects spray paint in stores, and had wondered if it might be the trick that [...]

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Chic on the Cheap: Calendar Art

By The Wife |

Repurposing little things that may have been destined for the trash is a great way to add oomph to your home for little or no money. Repurposing things that were cheap in the first place? Even better. Here is a great chance to upcycle something that is literally “so last year.” One of my cheap-o [...]

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