The Beauty of a Blank Canvas + Decorating Theory by Crocodile Dundee

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Having a new home is a learning process, and we already have a few lessons under our belts. One of the biggest is that to properly choose a paint color for a room, it helps to have a blank canvas. Before we’d even signed the papers on our place, I had paint swatches for the [...]

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…And We’re In!

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A full house “before” tour will commence first thing tomorrow. I hope you all like sea foam green. Note how I cleverly used SEO buzz word sequence “full house” to net useless hits from John Stamos fans. You’ll have to go elsewhere for your Uncle Jesse fix, TGIF viewers!

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Our Budget, Like Our House, has a Low Ceiling

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Previously, we agreed to spend only the difference between one year of rent and one year of mortgage payments on doing the new place up. The husband chomped on a cigar, we shared an exaggerated handshake, and the credits rolled. Now that we have our actual monthly payment calculated, we have a real amount to [...]

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We’re Decorating a House We Don’t Live in

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When you’re jonesing to decorate, but don’t have access to the physical space you want to do up, creating an inspiration board is the perfect solution. If you’re not familiar with inspiration boards, they are basically collage-style curated “boards” full of images, color swatches, and ideas that evoke the desired feel of a room. You [...]

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You Gotta Get Yourself a Home Inspection!

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“This furnace is spewing carbon monoxide. It looks like it’s going to need to be totally replaced. And I’m pretty sure those are asbestos wrappings on the ducts, so that’s going to be more time and money for abatement.” That was some of the best news we could have heard about the house we’d just [...]

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You know that one friend who always seems to date the, um, diamond in the rough? You can try to set her up with eligible bachelors all day long – we’re talking men who shop at the B-Rep and whiten their teeth! – but she’ll shrug with disinterest before sidling up to some problem-saddled young [...]

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